Tips on How to Play Chip in Mobile Legends, a Hero Skilled in Teleportation - Mobile Legends Tips – Dubbed as the "Phase Technician," Chip is a new hero introduced in the latest season of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Being a Support and Tank type, he becomes one of the influential heroes within the team.

Chip in Mobile Legends possesses considerable attacking and defensive abilities. He can utilize portal warp to create chaos or to escape, a capability that makes him a considerable candidate for the new META in the game.

Despite being speculated to become part of the future META, some of you may still not fully grasp how to utilize Chip effectively in battles. Therefore, we are sharing tips and tricks on how to play this hero to secure victories. Here's how!

Tips on How to Play Chip in Mobile Legends

Chip Mobile Legends

Here are tips and tricks on using Chip in Mobile Legends to enhance your gameplay:

Understanding Chip's Skills

A tip for playing Chip in Mobile Legends like a pro is to first understand his skills. This will help you get accustomed to them and perform well when utilizing them.

Once you're familiar, as a Chip pilot, you'll be able to use them effectively in the Land of Dawn. With his strong teleportation and crowd control abilities, you can assist your team in launching deadly attacks during wars.

Combining with Other Heroes

After understanding and combining Chip's skills in Mobile Legends, it's time to hit the Land of Dawn. At this stage, you can try to combine his skills with those of other heroes to have a significant impact on the opposing team.

By leveraging combos with Chip and other heroes, it becomes easier for you to assist the team and secure victories. This can boost the morale of players and eliminate fear when facing enemies.

Coordinating with the Team

Collaboration is crucial in a competitive game like Mobile Legends. Therefore, Chip pilots should communicate with the team regarding the usage of his skills.

During matches, you can optimize strategies and maximize Chip's presence within the team. With good team coordination, you can use Chip's portal for effective war planning or defense.

However, ensure a balance between assisting the team and protecting the portal from enemies. Stay cautious not to overly focus on using Chip's portal and jeopardize the team's safety.

Learning Enemy Hero Movements

Understanding the movements, strengths, and weaknesses of enemy heroes to effectively use Chip's skills

As a Tank and Support, Chip in Mobile Legends is also expected to learn the movements of enemy heroes while in the Land of Dawn.

As a Chip pilot, understanding your enemies' strengths and weaknesses allows you to devise strategies for either attacking or defending. By understanding your enemies, you can anticipate their attacks in such situations.

This understanding can also be crucial in targeting or aiming for enemy targets for Chip. His abilities and good teamwork can overwhelm targets, leaving them little chance to counterattack.

However, Chip players should also be able to attack enemy targets when the position is not too crowded. Aim to attack your target when they are not protected by their teammates.

Understanding Timing

Timing is crucial to ensure Chip's abilities gain momentum to help the team win in the Land of Dawn

Skill timing is crucial to gaining the right momentum in wars or targeting enemies. This is essential for achieving victory together in Mobile Legends.

As a Chip pilot, you must know when the right time is to use his skills, including his Ultimate and Special Skills. Utilize his skills strategically, planned, and according to the situation.

By understanding the right timing, you, as a Chip pilot, can have a maximum impact on the team. This is undoubtedly the key for you and the team to achieve victory.

So, those are the tips and tricks on how to play and use Chip in Mobile Legends on the mobile platform for you. Hopefully, with the above methods, you can become a skilled player, communicate well with the team, and use Chip like a pro in the Land of Dawn.

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