Strongest Kaja Build in Mobile Legends: Dominate the Battlefield - In the realm of Mobile Legends, Kaja stands out as one of the premier Support heroes, renowned for his ability to inflict significant damage for a Support class and for his disruptive crowd control skills. If you're keen on harnessing the power of this hero, delve into our discussion of the strongest Kaja build for 2024 in this article!

Strongest Kaja Build in Mobile Legends: Dominate the Battlefield

Strongest Kaja Build 2024

Tough Boots

Tough Boots are an essential footwear choice for Kaja early in the game. Apart from boosting movement speed and magic resistance, these boots feature a passive effect that reduces crowd control effects. Equipping this item makes Kaja more resilient against crowd control during matches.

Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate proves highly beneficial for Kaja. Besides enhancing HP, Defense, and CD Reduction, this item also provides additional Attack Power, Magic Power, and Movement Speed for Kaja.

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is a fitting choice for Kaja, bolstering his resilience against physical attacks and reducing damage received from enemy assaults.

Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor becomes a consideration when facing opponents with high magical damage output per second. By using Radiant Armor, we can mitigate the magical damage received per second from several heroes with substantial magical damage.

Fleeting Time

One of Kaja's deadliest skills is his ultimate. To maximize the use of this skill, Kaja can utilize Fleeting Time. This item offers additional Magic Power, HP, and CD Reduction, along with a passive effect that reduces the Ultimate CD after Kaja secures a kill or assist.

Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet serves as an additional measure to enhance Kaja's survivability. This item grants additional HP and features a passive effect that restores Kaja's HP per second.

Strongest Kaja Emblem

As a Tank, Kaja certainly needs to equip the Custom Tank Emblem Set. Additionally, carrying Vitality, Tenacity, and Brave Smite is crucial. This emblem combination will enhance Kaja's toughness, making him formidable in battles.

Kaja Mobile Legends Skill Combo

Passive Skill - Wrath Sanction: Kaja reaches Wrath Sanction every 6 seconds. The next Basic Attack sends lightning to enemies, dealing Magic Damage and paralyzing them. Lightning also strikes nearby enemies (up to 3 times). Increases damage by 200% of the target's Maximum HP on minions and creeps.

Paralyzing: Slows down enemies and reduces their damage by 8% (up to 4 stacks) for 4 seconds.

Skill 1 - Ring of Order: Kaja releases a rapidly expanding and contracting Sword of Lightning, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit on the way out and back, as well as paralyzing them. Each time an enemy is hit by the Sword of Lightning, Kaja's HP recovers by 100.

Skill 2 - Lightning Bomb: Kaja swiftly moves towards the target while leaving 3 Lightning Bombs along the path. These bombs explode upon contact with enemies, dealing Magic Damage and paralyzing them.

Skill 3 - Divine Judgement: Kaja deals Magic Damage to the designated enemy hero, applying suppression and paralyzing them for 1.5 seconds. During suppression, Kaja can pull the enemy hero with him.

With this potent build and skill combo, Kaja becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield, dominating opponents with ease. Mastering this setup can lead to victories and glory in Mobile Legends.

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