Google AI Gemini Requires Large RAM to Operate on Smartphones - The implementation of AI technology has become the latest trend in 2024. Various technology companies are competing to integrate this feature into their products. One of them is Google with Google AI Gemini.

Stakaoka : Unfortunately, this technology can only be applied to certain smartphones. This is because Google AI Gemini requires large RAM to operate on smartphones.

Google AI Gemini Requires Large RAM to Be Used on Smartphones

Google AI Gemini Requires Large RAM to Operate on Smartphones

Seang Chau, Google's VP of Devices and Services Software, provided details about the AI Gemini feature on the Made by Google podcast. According to him, to ensure smooth operation of the AI system, smartphones with a minimum of 12 GB of RAM are required.

"The Pixel 8 Pro, which has 12 GB of RAM, is the right device for us to implement Gemini Nano and see what can be done. When we look at the Pixel 8 with 4 GB of RAM, it's not easy for us to make the decision that we're ready to implement this technology on that device," said Seang Chau.

This statement directly addresses the reasons behind the choice of devices for the release of this feature some time ago. In that announcement, Google stated that Gemini Nano would be implemented on the Pixel 8 Pro device and not on the regular Pixel 8.

This phenomenon was considered strange at the time, considering that both devices have similar specifications and were essentially made to support this technology. This mystery was finally answered in the podcast, revealing that the difference in RAM was a key factor in this decision.

In addition to the Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini Nano has also been used on other devices such as the flagship Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, which also has 12 GB of RAM.

Still Available for Smartphones with Lower RAM

Google AI Gemini Requires Large RAM to Operate on Smartphones

Although Google only recommends this feature for smartphones with 12 GB of RAM or more, Seang Chau stated that Gemini Nano can still run on devices with 8 GB of RAM. However, he warned that forcing it to run on devices with 8 GB of RAM could significantly affect device performance. Therefore, for devices with such specifications, users can only access it in developer mode.

This is to ensure that Gemini Nano is only accessible to those who understand their devices and the impact of using this feature on them.

Google AI Gemini Requires Large RAM to Operate on Smartphones

"We plan to provide Gemini Nano for Pixel 8 devices in developer mode options, so that developers and regular users who truly understand its impact on user experience can utilize this feature," added Seang Chau.

According to Fojap - The mechanism of AI Gemini itself differs from typical applications. While usual applications are loaded into RAM temporarily and then deleted after use, Gemini's system will use space from RAM permanently. This makes large RAM storage an important aspect.

That's the information about Google AI Gemini. How about it, folks? Does your device fall into the category capable of running this AI?

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