The Most Potent Yu Zhong Build in Mobile Legends - Are you puzzled about the most potent Yu Zhong build in Mobile Legends (ML) Season 24 Patch 1.6.72? Below, we will provide detailed insights.

Yu Zhong is an immensely popular Fighter hero in Mobile Legends, known for his high damage output, OP stun skill, and resilience due to his Ultimate transformation into a Dragon, rendering him immune to stuns.

With these advantages, finding a strong Yu Zhong build is crucial. With the right build, winning matches with Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends becomes much easier.

The Most Potent Yu Zhong Build in Mobile Legends

The Most Potent Yu Zhong Build in Mobile Legends

Here's the most potent Yu Zhong build in Mobile Legends (ML) that you need to know. The essential items to purchase include Warrior Boots, War Axe, Dominance Ice, Bloodlust Axe, Athena Shield, and Malefic Roar.

Why many Defense Items? This is because Yu Zhong will dive into the frontlines during team fights. Since he targets the enemy backline and receives substantial damage, defensive items are essential.

Warrior Boots

Yu Zhong typically faces Physical Attack type Fighters. Hence, Warrior Boots are necessary, providing 40 Movement Speed and 22 Physical Defense. This item also has a unique passive that increases Physical Defense by 25 when hit by the enemy's Basic Attack 5 times.

War Axe

The first Attack item in the most potent Yu Zhong build in Mobile Legends (ML) is War Axe. War Axe adds 35 Physical Attack, 550 HP, and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

This item also features a unique passive that increases Physical Attack by 80, Physical Penetration by 16, and grants additional Movement Speed when the passive stack is full. Thus, Yu Zhong will have high damage output early in the game.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice provides 500 Mana, 70 Physical Defense, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and 5% Movement Speed. It also has a unique passive that reduces enemy HP Regen and Shield absorption by 50% when near the user.

Dominance Ice counters enemies with high HP Regen or Shields near Yu Zhong. The cooldown reduction also helps Yu Zhong utilize his skills faster.

Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe offers 70% Physical Attack, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and 20% Spell Vamp. This allows Yu Zhong to sustain in battles by gaining HP when using his skills.

Athena Shield

Athena Shield adds 900 HP, 62 Magic Defense, and 2 HP Regen. This item is valuable in the late game when enemies have powerful Mages. With Athena Shield, Yu Zhong becomes more resilient against enemy Mages' high damage.

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar contributes 60 Physical Attack and 35% Physical Penetration. It's crucial in the late game as Yu Zhong needs Physical Penetration to deal higher damage by shredding enemy Armor.

Spell and Emblem for the Most Potent Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends

For Yu Zhong's Spell in Mobile Legends (ML), Petrify is essential. It complements Yu Zhong's skills, allowing players to use Skill 3 on enemies and then Petrify them to prevent escape.

As for the Emblem, the Assassin Emblem with the Killing Spree passive is recommended. This Emblem is ideal for Yu Zhong, who often infiltrates enemy backlines.

With the Assassin Emblem's Killing Spree passive, players gain 10% HP upon eliminating an enemy hero, reducing the fear of losing HP.

You can add Full Movement Speed and Full Physical Penetration Talents to the Assassin Emblem.

That concludes the most potent Yu Zhong build in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, this guide helps you play better and secure victories in Mobile Legends.

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