The Most Potent Julian Build for Mobile Legends 2024 - Julian is one of the Mobile Legends heroes with the role of Fighter/Mage, relying on his unique combos to eliminate opponents. With his Chase/Damage abilities embodying Fighter DNA, Julian boasts considerable durability for close combat compared to other Mage heroes.

The Most Potent Julian Build for Mobile Legends 2024

What sets Julian apart is his third skill, which can be unlocked at level one, a feature that distinguishes him significantly from most Mobile Legends heroes. Another distinction lies in his optimal item build, making him a formidable force in 2024. Let's delve into the details of the most potent Julian build for the year.

The Most Potent Julian Build for Mobile Legends 2024

Genius Wand

  • Adds 75 Magic Power
  • Adds 5% Movement Speed

The reason behind choosing Genius Wand as Julian's initial item isn't solely its Magic Defense reduction but also its ability to decrease enemy Magic Defense upon Julian's attacks. This synergizes well with Julian's low cooldown skills.

Tough Boots

  • Adds 40 Movement Speed
  • Adds 22 Magical Defense

Tough Boots, reducing Crowd Control effects by 30%, are ideal for Julian, a close-range hero vulnerable to enemy Crowd Control skills. Its unique passive further decreases Crowd Control effect duration by 30%.

Holy Crystal

  • Adds 100 Magic Power
  • Increases Magic Attack by 21%-35%

This 2180 gold item significantly boosts Julian's Magic Power, crucial during the mid-game in Land of Dawn.

Calamity Reaper

  • Adds 70 Magic Power
  • Adds 100 Mana
  • Adds 6 Mana Regen
  • Adds 10% Cooldown Reduction

Essential for Julian, Calamity Reaper not only increases Damage but also grants Pure Damage upon skill usage, facilitating easier defeat of opponents, especially those with high Magic Defense.

Divine Glaive

  • Adds 65 Magic Power

In addition to the Magic Power boost, Divine Glaive increases Magic Penetration by 0.1% per Damage dealt to opponents, capped at 20%. This is invaluable during late-game scenarios, aiding Julian in penetrating enemy Magic Defense.

Winter Truncheon

  • Adds 60 Magic Power
  • Adds 400 HP
  • Adds 25 Physical Defense

An essential defensive item, Winter Truncheon not only provides optimal defense for Julian but also freezes enemies with its unique passive, rendering them immobile for 2 seconds, greatly benefiting Julian and his team.

In conclusion, the aforementioned build represents the pinnacle of Julian's prowess in 2024. Mastering this build can elevate Julian's effectiveness on the battlefield, ensuring victory for those who wield him skillfully.

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