Possibility of Samsung S24 FE Early Release This Year

Betternewsis - Samsung appears to be actively developing their FE line, also known as Fan Edition, of their products. Following rumors of the potential release of the Galaxy Watch FE, users' attention is more frequently drawn to their annual FE smartphones.

Unlike previous years, the South Korean company is likely to release a variant of their flagship FE several months earlier. Will it coincide with the release of the Fold and Flip series this year?

Possibility of Samsung S24 FE Summer Release

Samsung S24 FE release

According to the South Korean website The Elec, there are indications that the production of screens for the S24 FE is underway. This is to anticipate the product being released in the summer of this year.

Although not specifying which month, we can speculate that at least the Fan Edition smartphone will be released between June and August. For a more specific estimation, the likelihood is in July, coinciding with the Galaxy Unpacked event to introduce their latest foldable smartphone series.

However, it's also possible that the FE line will have a separate release time. Considering these two different lineups have never been released in such close proximity before.

Shift in Fan Edition Release from Autumn to Summer

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If this rumor is true, it raises a significant question. Why is Samsung shifting the release window of the Fan Edition smartphone, which usually occurs in October or autumn, to summer?

Regardless, we should still hope that this smartphone will bring flagship specs such as the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 or Exynos 2400 chipset. A brilliant Super AMOLED display, paired with an impressive 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.

Are you fans of Samsung's Fan Edition? Given its competitive pricing with slightly trimmed specifications, it seems more enjoyable to wait for this lineup than their flagship version.

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